Welcome to the beautiful world of paintings . Art is the visual expression of design . Imagination is never limited by shape , size or colour . It takes shape in the mind’s eye and find it’s way in the form of design . It is an excellant way to relax our mind . Art can be in any form . Singing , dancing , drawing , painting etc. For any art I feel the only thing we need to have is “passion”. At any age we can discover our inner artist .

I am Pallavi, an artist from Hyderabad . I myself relax my mind by doing paintings . I wish to design my thoughts and execute them through my arts . I talk to the world with my paintings and hear the world through compliments .

I started this as an hobby , and now I adopted it as my livelihood because of the love towards it .

All I need in my life is to be a respectable person in the society , establish a small scale industry and generate employment for others in future .

Most of my paintings are done with special type of clay, which is prepared by me. Colours which I use are Acrylic , Water colours , Enamel paints . This clay can be used on wood , bottles , pots etc .

My site PABS CREATIONS is to publish my paintings and promote them for sale . I undertake orders according to your requirement .